How Did The United States Start?

Where did the United States of America actually start? Where did our great nation to begin? What are our origins really and what are the ingredients of our very civilization; a civilization that still exists today and thrives to this very day? Well, the beginning of the United States can be traced back to June 16th, 1776. This is known as The Articles of Independence Day and this is a very significant day that has been celebrated every year in every state of the union.

So, how did the United States start? The Articles of Independence, also known as the Constitution of the United States, was written by our nation’s founding fathers. These documents would set forth the framework that allowed for freedom and liberty for our forefathers; today’s United States government is based on these same principles.

In the beginning, our nation was a small nation that had only been in existence for less than fifty years when the Articles of Independence were written. The Articles of Independence, as well as the Constitution were revolutionary creations of our time. They laid out the rules and laws that our nation was to abide by in relation to foreign nations. These documents also laid out our world view and our principles in relation to how we would deal with other nations. One of those principles was that we would not allow other nations, even our close friends, to attack our nation without cause.

Of course today things have changed. Instead of fellow Americans risking their lives and well-being for the sake of a little piece of land, they risk everything in order to spread out their civilization and spread out their brand of liberty. They risk everything to blow away the smoke of “World War III”. If things get that bad, they will not hesitate to use force against their fellow Americans. That is just one of the reasons why we must learn from history and understand the cold hard truth.

Those were the days when we were safe. We didn’t have to worry about those other folks. Today’s America is very worried about her enemies. Unfortunately, as bad as things seem to be right now, they got that bad really fast.

If we want to know how the United States started, it’s time to look backwards and see how far the country has come. Do you think that the Articles of Independence helped create the strong nation that we enjoy today? Would you like to sit down with your family and share some memories from long ago? Do you want to play some games and pretend that it’s just like when you were a child? How would you feel if the answers to the question how did the united states start were handed to you on a silver platter?


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