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Check Updates

When booking companions, it’s important to consider how often the agency updates information about its girls. A reputable agency should have a page where it publishes the latest information about its models. This information should include what the models like, the kind of services they offer, and where they can go with clients. It should also include their latest photos.

Check Appearance

You want to spend time with the girl of your dream. Maybe you need a companion to accompany you to a special event or occasion. Therefore, take time to identify and choose a girl you will be happy and proud to be seen with. Take time to explore the photos of the available models before making your hiring decision.

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Use Protection

If you opt to have sex with your companion, use protection. Though some companions are screened for diseases before they are allowed to provide companionship, use a nonporous barrier if you decide to have sex with them. Dental dams and condoms provide a barrier that prevents transmission of diseases or infections. Since they are thin, using them is never unpleasant. The most important thing is to know how to use them.

Don’t Overuse Bubble Baths, Shower Gels and Scented Soap

Take preventative health care when having sex with other women. Basically, you should understand your allergies and those of your partner. Perfumed products tend to cause genital soreness and irritation. This can make you susceptible to sexually transmitted infections and yeast infection. Therefore, avoid using them. Instead, go for scentless products.

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