Khrysti Hill


I was born in Mississippi, and I grew up in Toledo and Columbus Ohio. I love traveling and meeting people, and one of my favorite pasttimes is eating! Seriously, I love to eat, and you don’t have to worry, the frame is going to be straight for years. I’ve have a curvaceous body since I was 11, and it’s no longer a curse, believe me, I’m making the most of what I’ve got now.

As far as my model career goes, I kinda turned on to it in Ohio with my first photoshoot, but it took me a minute to really get into things. I decided do really focus on it after my shoot with Show Magazine.

I contacted Dwyane Darden from and we went into production mode for my website, and things have been pretty constant all throughout these years, leading up to what you’re looking at right now. I’ve also worked with photographer Ron Johnson, and a lot of you have seen me (and VOTED for me as well) in King Magazine, where I’m currently one of the models featured as a web girl contestant.


I am excited that so many people recognize me already and I’m just going to enjoy this as long as it lasts. I want to take things to another level and achieve recognition both in this industry and beyond as a force to be seen and heard.




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